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Initial thoughts

Postby Roadshack » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:15 am

I have been playing this game since i saw Rush of Heroes was closing it's servers and suggested we try fireflys other game. This one.

After a short time playing. I already find it hard to motivate myself to keep playing. The legendary heros are incredibly difficult to grind out. It takes weeks and I'm only about 30 peices of a hundred to getting one. Expect for the free shit healer you can get every 7 days.

The arena is zero fun. Everyone is at least 30 percent stronger than me if not double. This doesn't make sense. Shouldn't the game match me competitively? In order to complete my daily task of 5 arena challenges i usually end up watching my dudes die... for about 5 to 10 minutes.

There's no objective way to realy gauge how much damage your guys are dealing. There needs to be a damage meter. On top of that, maybe a damage mitigated, healing taken or given. Simple shit, Raiders in world of warcraft been using these metrics to help evaluate what's going on for about a decade. Why do games not show you how much damage or dps each individual is contributing.

I will probably not be transferring my time and energy that used to go to rush of heroes to this game. It was intriguing enough for about a week. But, its pretty dead to me already, just like PokémonGo. If i wanted to grind on my free time I'd get a 2nd job. Games are supposed to be fun and challenging. Not mind numbing. Gather 30 of these runes everyday or everyone will eclipse you. Not that the arena isn't a graveyard of people who gave up on trying to find fun in this game.

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