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Re: Ideas for the game.

Postby Alirin » Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:08 pm

Hi firefly team!

First of all, game is awesome with all those new things that we players can do everyday, but... maybe u think that most of players goes to school, and have plenty of time for playing, that's why I'm writing this beautiful post to you team, you are wrong! Now after so many players run away after ur updates, dunno why if u ask me, bunch of ppl stayed, and we have families, jobs, other crazy things like hobbies, if someone don't know what's that, I can explain on prv*, and that's why PLEASE, make all those new things easier for us, we don't have half of day to grind, farm, and camp for new things, and I'm talking here about:
1: Arena
2: Boons
3: City instances/dungeons
4: Mining
5: Drinking beer

So here are my ideas for that:
1. Auto arena from stage 1 to last stage u achieved, basically press button full-auto, and our small hero will automatically jump over all stages, with chests and those orbs, choosing the last one buff for 9 stars to the end. If someone still want to do that manually he can by doing that what we have right now, so just another simple full auto button.

2. Boons: Well this one is not taking so much time, but would be great to have some sort of plan route, new function, when we can plan our boon farms, like choosing few boons pieces that we already have, planing how many times we gonna try to acquire other boon piece, and "play", our hero will go automatically look for planed boons, all chosen pieces at once, one after another, oh and reward cards can we acquire by AI, this is broken and I don't care if I get boon upgrade item by manual click or from AI...10 times in row.

3. City Dungeons: You really think that we can login every 30min, and click one dungeon after another for 30stages :D, this is funny, it's great option and rewards, but it's taking to much time, if we already have a chest button to gather all dungeon stages, then why don't we have other buttons like buy all stages for gold, and buy all stages for diam...

4. Mining: Poor people, that works with mining stuff, they already have it tough, and when they want to relax, they need to mine again, literally click one block, done, click another block, done, oh shiny gem, click, 10-40min waiting time.... Just make another plan route here, with all gems and stones we want to gather by 120min? Maybe more, depends on gems, if we met monsters while auto farming, AI can control the fight, if we loose then okay, break the whole auto planing farming mine, otherwise go for it to the end.

5. Drinking beer: Here will be the most difficult task for you, look at top 10 in every server, and send us nice booby blondie, (can look like Andro, or Rosif, I don't mind) with beer pack every month, thank you!

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Re: Ideas for the game.

Postby Kenchi » Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:38 am

Heys guys,

How about a new server :) I came back to the game and I noticed that it is much harder now to get stronger. I wanted to see how I can do when there is a new server. So yea, would be awesome :)

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Re: Ideas for the game.

Postby theschnipe » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:16 pm

Please bring back the old way of getting gear from a vendor instead of the randomizer way. It is almost impossible to power up your gear. I run out of refresh tickets before I get enough orbs to power up my gear.

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Re: Ideas for the game.

Postby CrudakFirefly » Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:40 am

Hey theschnipe,

Good suggestion! We've sent feedback similar to yours to the developers so we'll see what happens in the next possible updates.

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