[PATCH NOTES] Update 1.2

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.2

Postby Snipdiddy » Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:52 pm

Thank you Lumos. for apple i just logged into FB with my account and deleted/reinstalled. Doesn't post anything to FB and was extremely easy.

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.2

Postby Phoxtrot » Thu Dec 17, 2015 4:53 pm

Has there been an evade/dodge nerf ?

My U12 jimmy with maxed legendary helm seems to be dodging a lot less and therefore generating a lot less bubbles too. My team was quite heavily ditting on his ability. Might be freak chance but it seems consistent with a nerf.

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.2

Postby Fantaztical » Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:57 pm

How can I link the game to Facebook if I can't even make it into the game? Basically, I need to uninstall the game and start over because once I uninstall, it will automatically remove all the data from my ipad. So upsetting

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.2

Postby Verin » Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:16 am

I can confirm uninstalling the game does not clear the cache on iphone. I uninstalled last week then reinstalled and I still had my account on all servers.

As for facebook linking, I open facebook then open dungeon crash as instructed. Go to avatar and link but then it opens a web gui inside dungeon crash and asks me to login and I really don't want to pass my credentials through the app.

Other issues since the patch:
Heroic level regards missing - I completed heroic map 4 and clicked on the reward then spent another 50 to buy it a second time. No rewards were received

World Boss Rewards missing - I've placed pretty high in the last few and received no chests or gold associated with my ranking

Legendary Hero No Claimed - I received Andromeda after completing the heroic quest and still received this email. I assume it's just a bug and deleted the email. I hope I didn't miss out on something.

Missing Epic heroes in hero info tab - I just unlocked Dungeon level 10 - Wandering Heroes. The heroes happiest here are Ivan, Onnie and Francis. These heroes are not in the epic hero info section and I've never seen them in the hero shop. I also speculate I'm not the first person to reach Dungeon level 19 so they must have been missing for a while or this was recently changed.

Amatarasu debuff not working? - I'm not sure if this is supposed to work on PvE but black sheep has a P-dmg shield that her skill doesn't dispel and it's a royal PITA. I am not sure whether this has been working in PvP or not. Mary normally fires off first and you can't choose your hero skill in the arena.

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