[PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

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[PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby lumos » Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:19 am

New Features
- New Guardian feature
- Dungeon BOSS divided into 3 types: Dungeon Boss, Super Boss, Awaken Boss
- Added 6 new campaigns
- Increased level cap to 120
- Hero Evolution modification: Evolve will increase the active skill level

Game Improvements
- Optimized re-connection
- Optimized friend feature UI
- Optimized reward and unlock system for Daily Instance
- Various small bug fixes
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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby Alirin » Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:23 am

Is this some kind of joke?! What did u do with rewards from guild gifts? This need to be fixed asap, now for 9k recharge we got 120diam?! and no soul stones? omg really? Some of us are VIP 15+, burned a lot of cash to support you, and thats how u thank us?
There should be FREE daily rewards for each VIP lvl, like refresh tickets, dust, gold, soul stones, chests with mark, and so on, every resource that is needed... but no, higher VIP -> more diam burned for rewards.... joke.

Myth gear is now nearly impossible to aquire / whole set, daily dungeons only once per day, okay i can understand that, but ammount of dust is way to low.

From dungeons we should get a lot of more things, more money more resources...

You guys just removed Fast click button in friends window, now we need to send and aquire stamina by clicking on every friend.

There are plenty more things that u need to look at... probably somebody will write more...

Oh and before update no disconnections, now i disconnect every 15min...


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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby eXX » Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:30 am

You forgot to mention the mythic summon reward. Clicked it 3 times spend 900 dias since i trusted the programm and only got 300 DIAS back. And after you get the Blue dragon your combat power Turns 0

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby Moro » Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:31 am

Wall of text incoming with regards to this patch, bear with me.

So with this patch, there was the introduction of an entirely new system feature called guardians. The guardians, similar to heroes have their own leveling and (a different) awakening system. To supplement this, dungeon bosses and several dungeons were completely overhauled to make way for these changes.

Thoughts: though the new system seems confusing, it seems like another sink of time and resources that currently no one has any clue how it affects combat. Further specific details about the entire system should be given. Currently it seems like having a Guardian is mandatory in arena to get further and advance.

Known bugs:FIXED

Daily Instance Overhaul
Oh... Boy. Where to even start with this. The previous system where higher level VIP's had access to different daily instances (VIP10 for dust, and 12 for souls), and the possibility of adding additional tries to get additional resources based off of VIP rank, is now completely gone. Gone. In its stead, is now a system where you swap daily between either a set of Gold, HeroEXP and Soul Gems, or Awakening Stones, Guardian EXP, and Magic dust. You can challenge only once.

Thoughts: This... I largely dislike. Before the update, being a high VIP level meant you had the accessibility to acquire resources at a faster rate if you spent diamonds. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that F2P'ers now have the ability to get stuff like dust and souls, but it's jut the fact that instead of running 8-10x runs of 14.2k dust every day, I am now being limited to 10k dust, every two days. Having a higher VIP level now really has no benefits at all. In addition, I forgot to mention, but the tiers of the bosses in comparison to the rewards offered are a joke. At level 87, only having access to the lvl 80 runs, my team took nearly NO DAMAGE. I would much rather have the time-based-capped resources than the current system where everything seems to be restricted in one way or another to slow progression.

The above overhaul to daily instances is awful. Not only does it force the slowing of progression within the game, increasing the grind that most successful games would aim to avoid, it cuts back on what higher level VIP's are able to do. 8mil gold or ~100k+ dust a day is no longer possible, and to be completely honest, this just feels like there wasn't a lot of thought put into it considering as the max is +18 currently, that to acquire +18 takes already forever, and with the new system, it will turn people away due to the grind.

Known bugs: None, at the time of posting.

Combat System Tweaks
Emphasis on evolution has become much more predominant with this update. It used to be that +12 Newtons would be capable of stalling teams out completely, 1v6. This update changed it such that that problem no longer exists. However, with the shift in the system, evolution orbs are more highly sought out to improve lineups. With this, evolution orb cost in dungeon stores have gone UP. To acquire the daily amount of orbs now requires more than double, even triple the amount of scrolls that had been previously required (it used to be 5k/day for 100 orbs. Now, it scales from 50 up to 200 per orb.).

Thoughts: After only trying out the new system a few times in arena, it's hard to tell how exactly this will affect the meta in how people go about awakening and evolving heroes now. What is certain though, is with the price increase will just serve to AGAIN decrease the rate in which people will be able to progress. As if changes to daily instances weren't enough, here we are again, increasing the grind of this game.

Obviously, it remains to be seen how combat overall will be overall affected by these changes (everyone got a nice little boost in combat power), but for the time being, the thought of having to take even longer to progress will again turn people away from this game.

Guild Gift Overhaul
You know how before the update, you would get lots of rewards if people recharged diamonds, 10x luxury summoned, and summoned a mythic? Yeah.... The rewards you get now are minimal compared to what you would have gotten before this update. At a reward level of 15, when someone recharges 9000 diamonds, you now only get 120 diamonds. Yep. 120. For 99USD, people are getting the equivalent of less than 2USD worth of diamonds. It used to be around 330 diamonds, cutting it more than in half.

Oh, and luxury summons? You know how you used to get soul gems for that? Yeah.... that's no longer a thing. Instead, now we get "Guild Recruit Gift"s that contain common rune stones and dragon's jades. And for hero's? Instead of the tasty 880-900+ soul gems, we now get a Guild Hero Gift that gives 1-2 shards of a hero. Hold on a sec. 1-2??? Yep. 1-2. What used to be the equivalent of being able to purchase 10 shards, well, now is abysmal in comparison.

Thoughts: as you clearly see, this is rather sad, as when people recharge diamonds, and then the bonus they are able to share with people is being cut down to below half, it doesn't set a good image that recharging is worth that much anymore. People choose to pay to support developers and progress in gameplay, but when you choose to cut back on what rewards people to that degree, it doesn't set a good initiative at all to pay more.

Those are just some of the ramblings of what's run through, I'm sure, a lot of people's minds with this update. Overall, yes the addition of guardians should prove to be interesting, especially with increase in the pace where people have combat (no stalling! yay!), but the negatives of the update (increased grind from daily instances, lack of ability to do instances more than once for additional resources, the cost increase on evolution orbs (especially with the change in emphasis on how important having evo'd heros are), and the reduction of rewards to those that recharge, especially high VIP players - or does VIP not mean what it stands for anymore?) largely outweigh the positives. Just my thoughts though.

@lumos - I would appreciate if you all were more open about why you all are trying to change it to where everything seems to turn into a much longer grind than was previously necessary. What are your, and the dev's thoughts on this?

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby eXX » Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:37 am

Just saw stamina is sometimes displayed wrong and Mail has a Red DOT even though nothing is in it.

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby Jadefire » Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:01 am

I completely agree on all accounts! Also, they cut the reward down on the dungeon boss. For a level 100 u now get 180 dungeon scrolls to spam in the store versus 250.

All I can say is, they cut their nose off to spite their face!

There was one positive thing and I can't remember because it's irrelevant comparatively. If I do remember it I will post it but I am very disappointed. I was lucky to get one myth armor every two days and now.... Idk if I even want to play this anymore and I don't think I will ever support a game by spending cash ever again. This taught me a great lesson
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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby baconxr » Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:46 am

So instead of super tanks like newton, you just make mages wipe everything instantly in pvp? I don't know what the developers were thinking when they thought giving dorothy and roxanne massive buffs to the point where matches will be won by who has more mages and which one cast their spells first. Great job.

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby genesis » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:26 am

Following up on Moro and Alirins post.

To start with, I have always been supportive of Dungeon Crash. To my surprise I actually stayed in this game longer than most other games i played regardless of its many bugs and flaws, the people and the simple game style was more or less what kept me going back on and recharging more, as rewards are nicely shared amongst members.

The only benefit i saw of being in a guild were the fact that if you had a guild which is so active, you get more rewards (Especially those who recharges on a regular basis). Now that you have reduced the gift rewards, I simply must say that being in a guild is more or less non beneficial to players.

I feel as though the updates were not made to cater to the wants and needs of the players, but to that of the developers. Instead of focusing on more player to player involvement, such as perhaps the long desired guild wars, or things which motivates players to climb more, you added a weird dragon, the change of the dungeon instances, and many other things which I simply not bother finding out.

The only benefit i saw of being in a guild were the fact that if you had a guild which is so active, you get more rewards (Especially those who recharges on a regular basis). Now that you have reduced the gift rewards, I simply must say that being in a guild is more or less non beneficial to players.

So to simply put it, instead of emphasizing the update on the sustainability of the game, you decide to simply milk it more for more cash, by causing disorder in the game. I guarantee you that f2p players will simply quit due to the even greater disparity in the way they simply can't keep up unless they recharge, and in time players who recharge will quit as well. Then in 5-6 months, you'll have that same post in rising heroes about closing the server down. But then again, it's probably fine for all of you, since on a business perspective, might as well just milk it, kill it, then make a new one. But note that that business mentality won't get you that far.

There are plenty of things I would add to this post, however I feel like a lot of time has been wasted on rants. I had 1 foot out of the door prior to the update, but thanks to this I could simply say thank you and bid my farewell.

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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby lumos » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:36 am

Thank you guys for your feedback regarding the new update.

I understand that many of you are not happy with some of the implemented changes. Please keep your feedback coming. We really really appreciate your time and energy spent in playing the update and providing us with your precious feedback. I will be creating a feedback report shortly to send to the developers.

This is how we can grow, tweak the changes as necessary, and make the game even better. For that we thank you!
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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby eXX » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:10 pm

Fun fact 100% of the good critism Codes from the guild olymp of the server Olaf ;-) keep it going guys. Especially the constructive Part.

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