Hellscream Moon City 12

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Hellscream Moon City 12

Postby Tosshunter » Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:13 pm

Any tips on how to beat the boss at the end of this level?
I am city level 52 with combat 509122.
My lineup is:
Newton + 5 evo 1 lvl 49
Shiva +2 lvl 50
Athena +1 lvl 49
Murlin +3 lvl50
Morrigan +7 evo 1 lvl 49
Drake +7 lvl 49

all have legendary gear almost all sets. lvls ranging from 60-80. The warrior sets are awaken lvl 3.

I can sometime get close to beating him but by his second whirlwind attack i am usually finished.

I tried replacing shiva and athena for 1 more mage and 1 more healer. That seemed to get me closest as my Newton is a good tank, but alas that wasn't enough.

Should I just wait till a higher level? What should i focus on? Upgrading, enhancing, evolving, awakening? Awakening probably aint happening anytime soon. But I need to pass this level in order to get the stars to finish the last quest for the "Hero Quest" to get Andromeda.

Any tips would be appreciated!

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Re: Hellscream Moon City 12

Postby Tosshunter » Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:09 pm

Well I finally beat him after 10+ more attempts with different party lineups.
ended up using and winning with:
Newton +7 evo 1 lvl 49 (having one tank helped my healers focus and prevented 2-3 warriors from being wiped during whirlwind)
Hephae +2 lvl 42 (big help with his heal)
Freyja lvl 45
Mary +2 lvl 49
Enkidu lvl 48
Murlin +6 lvl 50

Newton died at last second but mages were able to finish him off before rest wiped.

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