A F2P Guide to survive Dungeon Crash

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A F2P Guide to survive Dungeon Crash

Postby Niki » Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:48 pm

Hi all! I have been noticed that many players in global chat been asking questions from time to time about which heroes should they use and what they should do in order to become stronger. I make this guide with these thoughts of help new players and f2p or people who debating whether to become a p2p or not

Regarding spending $ on this game. Since patch 1.3, players haven't gain as much benefit as before when they are in guild. At the same time, things does seems a little bit more expensive to get. This guide will not talk a whole lot of about money, but rather about how to survive without spending :roll:

The game started with a tutorial that will let the user learn about the game interface, it is a little bit long and I know that like me, many players do skip the screen and doesn't pay much attention to tutorial.

Kingdom EXP:
Kingdom EXP is one of the first important part of the game, because the heroes that you use cannot get higher level than your kingdom. So it is a good start to get your kingdom level as high as you can during the first two weeks. After your kingdom reach level 65, it will be a grind and it will be fine to farm other things. Many players sometimes wonder how they could get higher level quick. My answer is the dungeon, just farm dungeon as much as you can during the day. One of my guild mate, Moro became level 95 after about 6 weeks of gameplay due to nonstop farming in dungeon. (Moro need a life >_>). :shock: :shock:

Although the new patch bring a lot of downs to Guild Gift System. It is still wise to join a guild! Find yourself an active guild, not the top one. Prior to following Moro to Olymp, I was in another top guild. However, those people there doesn't talk and thus I felt distance and could not learn much. Joining an active guild help your grow a lot. Once in a while, someone will summon, recharge, reach kingdom level and as a guild member, you would earn these benefits. I hope with future updates you would get more returns like we used to have.

Heroes cannot be strong without the help of gears. In Dungeon Crash, gears come in many kinds and types. The strongest one would be mythical gears, but it is also the hardest one to get. For newer players, the obvious choice of gears to aim for would be epic gears. But as you get stronger, the legendary gears would be the best one. Mythical gears are too expensive, and even if you are able to get the whole set. It cost another piece to awakening gear from +5 to +6, and 2 pieces to go from +11 to +12. The benefit of legendary gears are the bonus blue stats that you get when you awakening the gears. In late game, where you have a +12 Jimmy or +12 Newton, +12 Olaf, you would be better off with legendary gears; because it is easier to acquire legendary gears and awakening them enough so that you could get the boost from dodge, crit, block to gains bubbles. The quickest way to farm for gears is labyrinth, it is important that you try to rush for level 48 as soon as possible in order to access the labyrinth. You are allow to play in the labyrinth once a day. Labyrinth are floors with mobs that you can engage and gain dust. It divided into three difficulty, easy mode with 1 stage, normal mode with 2 stage and hard mode with 2 stage + boss. Once it get too hard to play on hard mode, you could ease down and play normal or easy mode. After clearing three floors, you will get a chest containing awakening gears stone as well as shards for your gear. The harder the floors you go, the better the rewards.

Dungeon Boss:
You may have noticed that I talked about farming dungeon earlier. When you farm dungeon, often time you would face a boss and there will be reward when you attack or kill the boss. So, don't panic in case you cannot kill your boss. Add some friends, and they will be able to help you out. As a summoner, you will also gain 5 diamonds when the boss is defeat. Dungeon Boss cost keys, and keys can be find from farming dungeon. I do not advise you to buy keys from mall, even if might seem cheap. When something is free, try to take advantage of it :D

Heroes is the main part of this game, and therefore I also have a lot to say regarding this topic. As a new player, you won't be able to get your hand on mythical heroes right away. Nonetheless, epic heroes and legendary heroes still pack a punch if you pick the right heroes. As my dear friend Moro had suggested, a good Epic lineup would consist of Morrigan, Wyatt, Katrina, Wolfe, Vladimir and Murlin. Now you may ask me why should you use Epic heroes when you probably already have a legendary hero. To me, heroes are pretty much the same prior to +6, because they have still weak. Morrigan is probably the 3rd best healer in game because she has the ability to boost your warriors strength. In order to get your hero pass +6, you would need 1 soul, +9 cost 2 soul, +12 cost 4 soul and so on. As you get your hand on legendary heroes, try to aim for Frankenstein, Jimmy, Athena, Chrone, Mary, Morrigan. Here you may see that I didn't recommend Drake instead of Morrigan because I believe that with Frankenstein, Jimmy and Athena, it is better to boost attack than defense. Team buff also play an important role to your line up, and it could either benefit your team a whole lot or not at all. It cost 40 shards for 1 legendary hero soul compare to 100 shards for 1 mythical hero soul. I suggest as a f2p, it is better off to play with a legendary lineup rather than trying to get mythical lineup right away. With mythical lineup, your power will be significantly stronger. However, it is best to keep your mythical heroes out until you can at least +6 them to keep your team strong. Mary and Jimmy are the two heroes that probably will be with you for the longest because of Mary high DPS and Jimmy ability to boost his warriors peers. With mythical lineup, I suggest that you use Newton, Claudius, Jimmy, Freyja, Dorothy, Hephae. I, myself is not a big fan of Olaf, because I feel that Olaf is rather expensive and Jimmy is similar to him. Both heroes let you gain 1 bubble after +12 if they can either dodge/crit a move. I replaced Mary with Freyja because she deal high DPS and has a chance to turn your enemy into a sheep, causing them to unable to attack. You may look at Dorothy and wonder why I suggest her over Roxanne but the truth is after you go higher up in arena in late game. It is best to taker out the backline that have barely any HP and then attack the front, healing may cause a problem if their Priest is of a high level. With Hephae, you could heal a lot because of his base skill "Recover all Warriors HP by 360% of STR's HP", and if you look at his buff combination, all of his buff boost Strength, letting him heal more.

Heroes Line-up
There are a lot of way to tweak the lineup to benefit your strategy, depends on the situation:
If you have a strong front, then 3-2-1 (3 warriors, 2 mages, 1 priest) is your best suit. Having 1 healer to help your warriors to keep going and 2 mages to boost/attack the enemy.
If you strong warriors, then use 2-3-1 (2 warriors, 3 mages, 1 priest). One of the warriors should be a tank, in order to keep their's warriors from your backline, where you are weak at. With 3 mages, you will be able to deal more DPS, but at the same time you have higher chance to die if your front was to die off, or you are unable to kill their Dorothy, Roxanne.
Balance wise, 2-2-2 is the most use lineup as a beginner because you can balance heal, damage and health. However, it somewhat weak because of the lack of damage output
If your mage has enough damage output to takeout their backline, then you could try 3-1-2. With 1 single mage that focus mainly on the backline with its skill. Dorothy is the the obvious choice because when you have her strong enough, she could take the backline out with 1-2 skill bubble, making the fight much easier.
Lastly, when you are near the top in arena and afraid to lose your rank, you could always try 2-1-3. With 3 priest, you have the opportunity to last longer than your opponent, enable the time to run out and win on defense. But, please don't stall, you may get some players angry :P :P

So that was the basic of the game, now we go to the more advance stuff.

World Boss:
World Boss appear twice a day, at 6AM PST or 6PM PST. As a player, you have the opportunity to attack 1 a day to aim for the top, where you could earn up to 1 million gold and 5 legendary gear chest. It is best to attack in the morning because you could get the reward for the morning; and in case no one take your spot in the night, you could get the reward for that too. It is not necessary to join World Boss, but you do get an extra legendary gear chest for joining a world boss attack. After each attack, you would have to wait or you could spend 10 diamond to skip the wait and attack. In case you want to attack, I advise that you try to spend less than 100 diamond to attack because even if you cannot get the top rank now, you will be in the future. Gold wise, it could be acquire if you just farm in the dungeon.

Arena is one of my favorite part of the game, it let you match up with other people in the game to see whether you are stronger or not. At the end of the day, you will be able to earn the rewards base on the rank you reach and as you climb higher, you will be able to get better rewards daily. As a reward, you can get up to 400 diamond, 300,000 gold and 10,000 Honor daily. Honor could be exchange for shards in Arena store or enhance stones, hero awakening stones. As you rank up every now and then in the arena, you will get some diamonds for achieving the new rank

Training Lab:
Training Lab is another way that can help you stronger. In order to use training lab, you would need magic badge, which could be acquire from normal instance or World Boss. In World Boss, when your damage output is over 500,000, you will get 1000 magic badge, which is the highest amount of magic badge you could get in World Boss.

The store divided into many different stores itself. Hero store will be your best friend in the game, because it let you buy shards, awakening stones, marks and other things with soul. So, it mean you don't have to spend your hard-earn diamonds. Spending diamonds on marks and awakening stones or shards is pretty much a rip-off when you can acquire shards through the boss stage of each campaign map.

Daily Instance:
Daily Instance let you acquire Hero Awk. Stones, Magic Dust for gears, Gold, Soul Gems and other things to help you in game. However, with the current patch, you may only acquire once a day base on your level. As I have stated at the start of the guide, it is good to rush level because the highest your level, the more harder boss you can fight and earn more.

Food, Stamina, or however you may call it is the energy you use to play a map campaign in the game, you could acquire more by buying it for 50 diamonds on first purchase of each day (which will give you an extra 30 food from daily quest) and that is the only thing worth buying. With these foods, you could farm for more shards from the boss stage and acquire the shards you need for your hero's soul. Another way to acquire food is through King's Supply, which open between 12PM PST- 2PM PST and 6PM PST- 8PM PST. The amount of food you get is determined on how fast you tap the screen, the food you can get max out at 100 from the tapping. You may cancel your try by clicking the exit at the corner in the middle of your attempt if you are not happy with the speed you tap. 8-)

Once you reach VIP level 2, you have the opportunity to invest 1000 diamonds in game. This may seems a lot for new players because its pretty much all the diamonds available. But as game progress, you will earn as much as 5000 diamonds once you reach level 60, which should take you about 1 or 2 weeks of gameplay. As more people invest in the server, the server itself will give gifts to players around the server.

Invite Rewards:
Once in a while on Global Chat, you will see a lot of spams for invite codes. Invite codes is important for f2p, because the rewards will be beneficial if the person who use your code recharge a certain amount of diamond or reach a certain level. You could also choose to gift your code users gifts, hopefully will persuade them to spend more, jk. :roll: Invites max out at 50 and after that you can not have more people use your code, so be wise and choose the right people that use your code to maximize your benefit. ;)

So once you have your diamonds, what should you be spending your diamonds on?
My answer is campaign, the last stage, it give you shards, marks and awakening stones that help upgrade your hero.

Guild Party, is it worth it?
Once it a while, you may want to share the wealth, here is where you could help. By hosting a guild party, you could earn food for yourself as well give food for your guild mates; and hopefully they will host one in the future.

You want to earn more gold but you are running out ideas?
When you are in a guild, you should help with donation. Try to donate each and every day. As you reach a certain mouth of guild contribution point, you have the chance to upgrade "Dungeon Gold" under Guild Tech, which boost a little bit of your gold output in dungeon. If you ever choose to recharge, you will also earn medals which can be use for "Dungeon Gold" to boost gold output. Medals can be reset once a week to increase other attributes.

What should you spend your $ on?
I definitely suggest that you spend your $ only on Ultimate Gift Pack! Because you will gain 120 diamonds, 1 legendary gear box every day for unlimited amount of time; which outweigh the first recharge for $9.99 after 2 weeks. :lol: :lol:

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Re: A F2P Guide to survive Dungeon Crash

Postby jojobeed » Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:44 pm

Excellent overview. I will point newbs from my server here.

I have some slightly different opinions on heroes, but overall, this information is spot on!

Also, spending your diamonds, when you have spare, on stamina is king! I buy the 50 and all three 100 stamina recharge almost every day. You can farm hero awakening stones, hero shards, gold, hero xp and kingdom xp! You can't beat that for value on your diamonds.

Depending on VIP level the weekly gift packs are amazing. The chest of marks and refresh tickets are priceless.

Hope players find your post useful, it really is great.
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