A lil overall Guide by me :)

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A lil overall Guide by me :)

Postby Kenchi » Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:28 am

So some of you askes questions about how to get stronger and what you can do about it. Lets get started then !

1. Hero Selection
Soo. Many of you guys are struggling which hero you should use in your Squad. I guess it's pretty simple... All mythicals :D jk. So the best would be legendarys for beginners. Usually I use this squad whenever i start a new account. (That's my opinion and if you guys have any better idea I'd love to read them in the comments.) So, satrting with Jimmy. He is a great warrior, has good damage for a legendary hero and is one of the best legendarys, if not the best in the game. The second hero would be Frankens for me. I know there will be people saying that Shiva is better, but imo Frankens is the best legendary tank. So yea :) the third hero would be Mary. She has a great single damage skills and is one of the best legendary mages. Again that all is just my opinion. The fourth hero would be Chrone or Venus. Now you probably are asking who you should pick now :D And the thing is, I'd recommend Venus for low levels and Chrone for mid levels. Why ? It's pretty simple. Venus is part of the group buff with Jimmy but we'll get into that later. Chrone is for mid levels like lv 50-60. You guys will have more room for heros in buff and that's probably why you should take him later on because you ALWAYS want to get your group buffs to strengthen your squad. Also he has a great skill which gives the whole squad the speed boost. So now we are going to the fith Hero. Now that's kind of tricky right now... There you can decide. Now there are the chances that you don't have all the heros for the group buff or not enough room. Imagine this scenario. You have no room for any more heros. But you see that Frankens and Mary only need Agatha for the group buff and you see for example Lilith alone in the squad with no buff partner. What you should do then is to replace Lilith even though you love her with Agatha to get the group buff. And I will promise you that it will be worth it ! So as the fifth hero... Get a hero in which group buff isn't completed yet because of one missing hero. As the sixth and last hero, I highly recommend Morrigan or Andromeda. You probably are asking why Morrigan now ? She is only an epic hero and not even a legendary one. And you are right. Still I love her and that is my opinion. She has one of the best heals as an epic hero and i probably better than some of the legendary ones. Also her shards are very easy to get so you can get her up to +9 very quickly for example. Now the other option is Andromeda and now you are asking how should I get her ? Omg, Fml that's a Mythical Hero ! Now the thing is, there is an event which gives you the hero after 7 days when you completed every quest. Now that is really not that difficult and I know it takes 7 days but I mean until you get her you can use Morrigan.

So now that is probably it with the Hero Selection and again. This was my squad as a beginner and I really didn't do that bad with it. When you are higher you probably should just get all the Mythical Heroes and get their group buff to get even more stronger.

2. Buff Squad

Now there is a "buff squad" that's how I call it. And that is even more simple. You look at the Heros you already have and look at the group buffs. (The first line of the three buffs, there are 3 heros required.) You want to look at them and if for example you have Jimmy and Venus there and you are missing Moza... Then try to get Moza and get him to your buff squad. And that is how you are going to make you buff squad. You look at every single group buff and add the missing hero if you are missing one.

Now we are going to talk about gear for every individual hero.

3. Gear

Now you are probably bored. And yes I know but keep it going. That is now very important. There are three types of Heroes as you notice with the symbols (Sword, Staff, Leaf). Also there are different types of Gear Sets. Uncommon Gear Sets (Steel(Warriors) and Sorcery(Mages,Healers)), Epic Gear Sets (King(Warriors), Titan(Warriors), Sage(Mages) and Truth(Healers)), Legandary Gear (Ares(Warriors), Demon(Mages) and Angel(Healers)) and at the very last Gear Set, there are the Mythical Gear Sets (Dragon(Warriors) and Reaper(Mages and Healers)). And that is how you know which hero needs what kind of gear. Now there is a new thing called "Upgrade Master" (It is literally at the side of the hero when you look at his gear. Now that is kinda cool too. You get a little buff for every 20th level of full Gear Sets from the 60th level on. So you don't want to just keep upgrading your Sword you want to upgrade the whole Set to lv 60,80 etc. and not only the sword to lv 120 and the rest to lv 26. The same thing is with awakening of gear. If you press on that "Upgrade Master" Icon there are four different categorys (Gear Upg, Gear Awk, Boon Upg, Boon Awk.) you want to look at them and try to get their buffs to make you squad even stronger!

Okay we are about half way through. Come on, you can do this ! It will be worth it, I promise !

4. The Dragon

Now there are 3 seperate Dragons. There is the Red Dragon, the blue dragon and the green dragon. I only know about the red and blue one so I can't really discuss much about the green one because I never had one :D So yea. So the only thing I want to say here is that you probably should buy the Blue Dragon. His skill is very effective in dungeons and arena (so overall pretty damn good). His damage is good too and I can easily say that he is the best Dragon and you shouldn't waste time on the red one.

5. Boons

Now that will be a problem. I really dont know much about Boons because it's a new thing and I dont know enough about that, but yea. I think you should just try to get as many fights in pillar sou you have the chance of getting shards where you possibly can get a epic shard or maybe even a legendary one. With the shard you have the possibility now to find the other shards to finally fuse them into a "Boon (?)". Yea that's probably it.

So as you probably can see we are finished with the whole right side when you get on this game. There are such things as guild etc. but that is now too simple so I hope I dont need to explain that. Do your attacks in the instances and the donations. That's it. Now to the left side.

6. Quests

You guys know them. Quests is the most important factor in the game. You need to do them to level up (also doing quests in the instances is the most efective way to level up). And then there are those quests where you can get to 30,60,90,120 points to get some rewards. Those you should do too everyday. And at the top you can see those Icons like First recharge and shit. There are the quests called Hero Quest where you can get Andromeda like I mentioned at the beginning. And after 14-15 days I think you can get Frejyda or however she is called :D i think. Yea complete them too every day. They will get you some real awesome rewards too.

7. Events

There are maaaaany events so I can't like mention every event. But I mean these are pretty useful too even though they might cost you some diamonds. Some times they will be worth it. (Not always !)

8. VIP

There are VIP quests and rewards which I personally don't use. I think they are unnessecary and not useful. So what the purpose of that point is... Dont fking recharge it's not necessary and the new update fucked the whole system up imo. There were like monthly diamond cards but like whatever. Get rid of it and don't get money from us anymore I guess. If that's what you wanted...

9.Special Gift

Special Gift is also an Icon at the top. I, personally use them everyday to get those Awakening stones and some refresh tickets. They are pretty useful but it's not a thing you have to do. It's just to spare some time to get stronger but you need to pay for them of course with some diamonds. So win and lose situation.

10. Summons/Tavern

Now there are Summons. Normal Summons, Epic Summons, Lux Summons (Legendary) and Mythical Summons (VIP 6). Now I don't do summons very often. But here are some useful informations. Everyday you get 3 free chances at the Normal summons. Also you have sometimes a free chance at the Epic, lux and mythical summon which is awesome. They have cooldown so remember to use them as soon as possible they are free again. Now every 50th Lux summon is a guaranteed Mythical Hero if you didn't get one while doing the 50 summons. But yea... Its expensive af :P

11. Store

Now this is where everything gets interesting :D There are different Stores - The normal Store, Hero Store, Gear Store, Guild Store, Arena Store and Rune Store. What you want to use most effectively are the Hero, Gear and Guild Store ! The Hero Store pretty much explains it by himself. You get Hero Shards from them! That is also a great way to get The Heroes I mentioned at the beginning. You can get every kind of shards so try to get only those shards which you need the most ! Now there is the Gear Store. It's pretty awesome too. Well... Let's say if you have enough Labyrinth Stars, so you can get mythical shards etc. too. You need like 50-60 stars for Legendary Gear shards and 125 stars for Mythical Gear Shards i think. So yea you can get all those Gear there. It's the most effective way even though it still takes a lot of time. And the final one is the Guild Store. You are probably like, wait whut ? Why would the Guild Store be good ? There are 4 items that I am interested in. Refresh Tickets, Lux Summons Tickets, Ruby and Dragon Claws (Maybe I forgot sth. but whatever this post is too long already :D). Yea because of that you should always do your attack and donations in your Guild !

12. Labyrinth and Daily Instances

Do them everyday ! Also remember in Laby that there are rewards at the top. Sone if them could help you out ! Also don't underestimate daily instances. Even though it doesn't seem like much you still should do them everyday because I know someday you will need them.

13. Rewards

Also please keep an eye of Rewards. They are literally everywhere. When I started to play the game I noticed them each one after a while. It was so much wasted time and I don't want you to waste your time. There are rewards for example in arena, laby, elite instances, minings etc.

14. Awakenings

Get your Awakening Stones for your Heroes at the Boss in every last normal Instance Stage and in special gifts or even in Hero Store. Get your Awakening Stones for your Dragon in Guild Store or Mining. Get your Gear Awakening Stones in the Gear store or by salvaging Gear.

15. Salvage and Rebirth

Salvaging is pretty much used to get Soul Gems or Magic Dust or Awakening Stones (those red things you know) for Gear. Try to salvage every useless thing you have because it might be worth it later on. Now doing hero rebirths or Gear rebirths is a part of this game. It costs you a bit of diamonds but you just need to do it. Let's say, you have a full legendary squad. But you have a full mythical squad now but not enough awakening stones because you used them on the legendary heroes. Do the Hero rebirth on the legendary ones and get your awakening stones back to awaken the better Heroes or The better gear.

16. Enhance

Enhancing Heroes is pretty useful too. You can get those enhancing stones everywhere... In shops, as rewards etc. try to do enhancing only with 10x because so it will be more effective than always doing just 1x.

Also a lil thing is also the Investment in Events. Do it it's worth for us all and it will be worth for you too if you keep on playing :)

Now is there anything else I can teach you ? Most likely not. Just some little things which aren't so important. Now this was my "little" Tutorial on what you should focus on etc. I hope you liked it and was worth it for you. That's pretty much it. Have a good day.


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