all i want to know

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all i want to know

Postby tidas » Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:10 pm

Dear Gamer Masters,

Hi there, my player name is tidaspanda in server one: Pandora.
And here is what I want to know.
First, How does mythical gear unlock works? As you can check the picture I attached( pic doesn't shows), you will find the difference among the gears. Some of them have 1 random stat and some have 3. The reason why the Dragon Armor has only one random stat is because I have awaken it so it doesn't show (maybe) or it just has been covered.
And here is the fun part, as I equip the Dragon Armor, it shows different stat unlike my calculation (the way more smaller). So my second question is how does random stat works, and does it effected by dynasty system (new awesome system).
I like bubbles, bubbles can totally change the combat, more bubbles means more interesting. In some of the fight like world boss, as a player gets more bubbles, he can do more damage to the boss. So my third question is why Olaf never critical? I found Olaf NEVER critical strike in ANY DUNGEON BOSS and world boss. So two of his skill is useless (CRIT ENHANCEMENT and CRIT RETURN). Is it a bug or wrong describe?
Last but not least, the invincible Newton. Newton looks invincible in ARENA. As we awaken Newton to +12, his defense goes straight into another level. In some scenes, we found Newton is the only one who can stand in the battle even there is no priest. It is so hard to kill so we need to shift our focus on the back (priests and mages). So why don't you guys make some changes of it and make it more fun?

And thanks for reading :mrgreen:

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