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Raid Boss

Postby Netros » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:11 pm

Let me start by saying thankyou for sorting out the raid boss not spawning problem but you have not resolved the problem completly , the boss has very little life and is killed in about 4-5 hours meaning most players don't get a chance to hit it. A lot of players seem to be getting a bit disheartened with the progress of resolving issues and seeing other players taking part in the raid boss whilst they can't isn't helping.
To give everyone a chance to take part and generate more interest , and therefore more diamond buying, in the raid boss maybe you will consider one of these suggestions

1. Greatly increasing the health of the boss
2. Removing the health and allow players to attack for a given time period
3. Have the boss spawn more often , maybe 36 hours after the last one was defeated so the spawn time was constantly changing

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