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Postby NightCrawler KB » Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:28 pm

So Lumos here is some info that will help the devs correct the EB network error and the EB energy loss bug.

EB Network Error:

So there are two times this occurs now. Used to be more but was somewhat fixed a week or so ago.

First: This is the one most people are experiencing, when you use friends and you use a friends Knights special attack to kill the EB it will always cause this error. It seems to only be when you use the friends special attack to kill the EB. Every other time I use friends and don't have them use the special attack to kill the eb it does not do any errors. So friend special attack to kill EB causes first and most common error.

Second: This is one that most don't probably experience, but if you are using the same device to switch between alternate accounts on EK after you have switched from Account A to Account B and then back to Account A it will always do the network error the first time you go to fight the EB regardless of how many knights you use and regardless of if you are using friends.

EB Energy Loss Bug:

This one I finally figured out how to repeat it every time. And to be honest is probably a bug that no one has yet to truly notice cause of how it is triggered.

So on the EB Fight screen where you choose your knights, there is two "Add Friend" buttons to select if you want help from friends.

If you select this button it will bring up the "My Friends" screen, Now if you choose to exit this screen WITH OUT selecting any friends (you use the red X in the top right corner). And you Fight the EB with only YOUR 3 Knights it will always take 8 energy from you (assuming you have 8 or more energy).

Hope this helps the devs narrow down how to get these fixed asap.

Thanks Lumos.

P.S. I don't fight in arena unless it has to do with dailies so some one else that does might be able to help clarify whats going on exactly with the Streak Counter resetting.

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