[SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Gannicus » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:14 pm

How on earth have you worked out armour enhancing???
The fusion boosts armours for instance do not give much more exp points to armour than a basic
Leveling up a gold star with basics gives you less exp than if you used those basics alone
It's infuriatingly difficult to gain armour levels because you've somehow made a mistake I hope in the programming of exp values

Imagine if it takes you 4 months to level an armour by mindlessly grinding day,after day the whole game
People won't want that from a game
It gets boring fast grinding away
Please re look at armour levelling and make it make more sense!!!!


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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Ragnar » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:24 pm

Yeah everything he said plus for instance sort out the fusion chance percentage to it is seriously fucked up im going through gold like the plague went through a population yet others just on the game are getting them first time what have you guy's been doing while coding this game please fix what is actually a really good game just these bugs and coding idiotic mistakes are annoying


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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Solo » Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:43 pm

Absolutely live this game. As far as app games go this one is one that I actually like. I understand its fairly new and very new to android but this game crashes an obnoxious amount of times throughout the day...sometimes I can play for an hour straight.. sometimes no more than 5 minutes. Idk how you could go about this but maybe considering making the game more available to lower end smart phones would help this. My phone just meets the requirements and it crashes non stop. Also would you consider making this game available on the PC. A game I used to play through facebook, dragon city, was much more fun and crashed way less on PC.

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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Nerlis-Akkem » Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:17 am

Fix arena. I keep fighting the same 8 players over and over and over again. And since 6 of them are amongst the 6 strongest players in the game, it's impossible for me to get win streak. You people are making it easy to reach top spot for low level players and hard for high level. Arena should be random, that's all

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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Kman5533 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:46 pm

Great game I love it. For guilds it would be nice to see how many levels they have gone up since they have joined so we have a better idea if they are active or not. Also when choosing whether to accept or decline people for a guild it would be cool to look at their profile to tell how long they've played compared to level.

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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Frostwreck » Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:47 am

So far I'm throughly enjoying the game. You've all impressed me (former knd player)

Ultimate Suggestions.

1. Mid week, or weekend material dungeons. Every week the gods open a element dungeon in which players can farm for a certain time frame to boost armors and craft higher tier armors.

2. Better daily rewards higher general payouts for gold and new rewards such as boss or arena energy payouts.

3. Trade system. Not sure if that needs much explaining more pros then cons imo

Many more suggestions on the way thank you for reading


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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Smuuve » Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:19 am

Thumbs up to everything Frostwreck said!!!
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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Longbeard » Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:58 pm

Epic Knights is getting pretty fast very boring.

There is almost no competition between players or guilds.

Yes, you can fight in the arena, but matching each other undressed to get five star armors and a 'broken' match engine is making competition there uninteresting.

A invincible raider that smashes knights in one kill.

Nothing is more frustrating then having no chance for days to beat an opponent. It's as interesting as hitting a brick wall.

Enhancing armors, also a drag

Farming, farming and even more farming to get an armor up to a decent level. Boring as the rest.

Leveling up, even more farming

Again even more farming. Boring, boring and more boredom

Start play testing Epic Knights, because it has no real competition between players. Something that makes games interesting. I have no interest in hitting an almost invincible raider, day after day.

I have no interest in fighting players in the arena that are not interested in fighting but in getting as many fusions stones as they can. With a faulty matching engine on top of that.

I have no interest in farming the same dungeon day after day to get a decent armor or leveling myself up.

Bring in player vs player competition, make enhancing of armors more simple that you don't need to farm dungeons for days. Don't make me farm dungeons for days so I myself can level up.

Play test the game before users get bored and stop playing Epic Knights.

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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Ravenous Shadow » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:01 pm

In-Game Username: Ravenous Shadow
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I'm roughly new to the game. Five to Ten days on it so far, fantastic game but it is lacking on one thing.

A REPEAT button at the end of a battle. For example let's say I'm playing "Sunshine Beach" and I'm going for the (Epic) Version of that storyline. After defeating the boss, I'd love to go right back into battle as quick as possible. This is where a REPEAT button comes in handy. Right after your victorious fight against a legendary creature. You have an option that says. "Accept" or "Accept and Repeat". Obviously the "Accept" option that is already in play will do what it does and take you back to the map. The "Accept and Repeat" will allow you to fight that boss again without having to go back to map.

This would obviously come in handy and speed things up. Even if by 00.01 seconds, for those that want to farm that specific storyline.

The main reason I'm suggesting this is because farming for pieces of a set, to upgrade another set of the same elemental attribute(s) is boring. Having it like I said... sped up by even 00.01 seconds would make it go by quicker.

Just a suggestion though. Thanks for your time.
~Sombra Del Toro

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Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Ultimate Suggestions Thread

Postby Deavito » Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:01 pm

Dear Epic knights.

I got a few suggestion too maximize the game play for a lot of players.

1ste to noticed is about dungen farming.

I suggest but most people do to have some instant repeat button at the dungeons.
This because most of us do like the game but farming in daily hundreds of times same dungeon will get ya bored really quickly.
And if ya get a insta dungeon button its easy for most of us.

Second thing.

I see a lot of fight click in mine phone when battling dungeons this personaly pissed me off because I should love too get going and dont have too push over 100 times fight.
So if ya could Just make some button or support button too enable or disable the game gets more interesting too most players.

Third thing I would suggest is too have some daily dungeons whit exp armor drops or like gold dungeon too get more gold like those kind of stuff , it will really boost most players too keep on going day after day.

Greetings from Alysha Louise in game player ^^.

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