[CONTEST OVER] Improve Epic Knights!

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Re: [CONTEST OVER] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby lumos » Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:09 pm

Jamo93 wrote:Hi this is a good game and I do understand that you have a lot of competition with knights and dragons... but in order to make this game work, you need to start adding a few things..

so I'm just wondering when you will be doing guild wars??

You need to add a crap load of armours. if you need ideas, have fan based competitions with design an armour on the forum..

Maybe once you do that, then introduce a new level of armour, can call the titan bain or armour of the gods.. and make it a one red star armour, of something like that.. kinder like dragon forged on knights and dragons.

When you have done those things, then you could have knights and dragons verse epic knights.. but that part may be hard, but the other stuff I have mentioned should just be logical..

Thank you from
BloodBrother ( in game name)

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Hey Jamo93!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll let the rest of the team know your thoughts by forwarding your concerns to them. I do agree with many of your ideas, I too like the idea of user created armor that we can highlight each week! That sounds like a neat idea/contest we can have on our Facebook page (hope you liked us on there!).

When new developments occur you can find news first on our Facebook page! Thanks again for the thoughtful insight!

PS: We're have to censor your email address (for your protection) but we have written it down in case we do want to speak with you more. Thanks!
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Re: [CONTEST OVER] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby LilTone83 » Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:38 pm

I 100% agree. Introducing guild vs. Guild wars for great rewards and news armors and different chests will definitely generate A LOT more players.

I am a current knights and dragons player and have been for years and still love it. If you want to get and keep loyal customers you have to make the game fun and interesting. People love guild vs guild competition. Would love to see that happen in this game.


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