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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby rembo » Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:43 am

First congrats for this awesome game it was recommended to my by a friend and i love it and i am playing it only since 5 days and till now all good.second i uave some suggestions for improving like put an extra chat for member who want to add cause world chat is full of codes amd u could put an extra tab where world private amd guild is just extra for friend req and in the world chat friend codes could be banned like the same when i try to write a .... Thing its hidden the same can be with friend codes . and another improvement if u could add in the game an info about members like when was theyr last login r if theyvr on r off this could help guild masters and also any member just to know if someone in my friend list is still active r not.thank you and keep the good work.

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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby Longbeard » Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:47 am

Talk to players and you will have a better understanding of the game.

One of the most important issues is, as you can see from several topics, staying in contact with the player. Don't only send messages but really talk too the players. Not only here on this forum but also in several chat channels. That is the only way for a game developer to understand the game play. Competitive players can influence a game in such a way its no longer interesting for starting players. Ways that even experienced game developers didn't foresee.

See for example the direction Knights and Dragons went with the so called 'naked fighting'. Its no longer about the strongest, fittest, smartest player, but about the largest network, the largest alliance.

Play testing
Secondly, directly connected to the first issue. Do not only bug test a game, but also play test it. A lot of game issues are not directly related to bugs but to the way the game is played. These issues are often found by play testing the game. In one week smart players can find ways to gain advantage. Most of these advantages are fun and enhance the game, some are not and will take the game in a direction that's not good for the future of the game.

Prevent, leeching, scams and other cheats
There always will be people taking advantage of other players. Scams to get control over other player accounts. Players taking advantage, leeching, of other players in the guild, etc. Give players the possibility to prevent such scams by (a) good security, (b) an identification that is directly connected to the player behind the account instead of the account. Players will find a way to switch accounts and then the mess begins. Unique identification of the player, for example in the form of anonymous player ID linked to either the imei or phone number. That way we can block cheaters we don't want in our guilds.

Bug reports
Bugs will happen and players will take advantage of them. So listen and act on bugs. Bugs can ruin the game play. Often players will see them without knowing the details but they know something is not right. Take those reports seriously and act on them. State you know and act on it. Don't let players hang in the dark. There is little more game pleasure disturbing then seeing there is a bug and left hanging in the dark by the game company.

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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby Vextile » Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:51 am


Knights! We want YOUR feedback and suggestions to make the Epic Knights experience, well, EPIC! Every week, we will take feedback, suggestions, and bug reports and select a few community members to win awesome rewards!

Event Rules:
- 1 entry per person. Please do not post multiple entries. Only the first one will be entered, so make it a good one!
- Leave your feedback/suggestion/bug report in this thread.
- 3 winners will be chosen weekly.
- Contest runs from 9/18 2:30PM PDT to 10/16 2:30PM PDT.

- 10 Fusion Stones, 8,000 Gold, and 30 Diamonds


Hey guys I'm really enjoying the game so far. All is good so far and I want to suggest a couple of things. I was thinking that maybe there should be co operative public events. Fighting a strong boss with a couple of friends or random people would be fun because you interact with each other and work together. Everyone would be rewarded decent loot but as you progress your loot will get much better and the bosses will be much harder.

Another thing I would like to suggest is custom gear. Kinda like paintjobs on your weapons and gear, it would be so cool to see everyone's creations and what people could do with there imagination. Of course, you will pay gold for paint jobs.

I believe fun stuff like that would improve this game and more people would enjoy it. Bringing something new to this awesome game will definitely spice things up.

Peace guys - Vextile II

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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby Vextile » Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:20 pm


Knights! We want YOUR feedback and suggestions to make the Epic Knights experience, well, EPIC! Every week, we will take feedback, suggestions, and bug reports and select a few community members to win awesome rewards!

Event Rules:
- 1 entry per person. Please do not post multiple entries. Only the first one will be entered, so make it a good one!
- Leave your feedback/suggestion/bug report in this thread.
- 3 winners will be chosen weekly.
- Contest runs from 9/18 2:30PM PDT to 10/16 2:30PM PDT.

- 10 Fusion Stones, 8,000 Gold, and 30 Diamonds


I wrote something's a couple of days ago and I forgot to mention that there should be some kind of auto collect money. Clicking on each building to get your coins could be annoying, especially if you have lots of buildings. I think this would be a good idea to collect all the coins at once. It would make things easier and faster :)

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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby Sapphire » Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:26 am

Generally I feel that the game itself is already flawless but I did find somethings that I hope would be improved in the near future.

Firstly, I feel that the friends that help you in batlles should always be healed when you are using them.

Secondly, I feel that the players in arena should always be players around your level instead of everyone playing the game

Thirdly, there could be a slight improvement to fusions by telling us the percentage of getting the armor we want with the armor we are fusing to get it.

Next, I feel that when we switch to the eb screen after t spawns, friends should not chabge when we return to the previous stage after defeating the eb.

After that, Instead of letting us use that exact friend after 24hours, you could start the timer after the first friend has been used. That way, we could save our strongest friends for last and not worry about waiting that long to use them again.

Soon after that, maybe you guys could maybe improve the accuracy of the gods with every level. For example : lvl 1 : 50% of missing
Lvl 2 : 45% of missing ect. Every level would improve the chance of actually landing the skill. That way, people would actually level up their gods.

Last but not least, I feel that you guys should add in a beta version and award those that would join in the beta version to find bugs and stuff

I would like to thank you guys for spending the time reading this message/post.

IGN : Sapphire :3
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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby NenoLight » Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:39 am

Hi im neolight and i like the game a lot playing 4days now and im up to lvl 45, but there are things i want to add or change.

1: add an option to buy potions for gold they can be 50k ea so its not that easy to get.

2: make a guild event where we can win some gems, pots, gold and exp, because the meaning off a guild right now is nothing worth.

3: a guild war once a week or once a month to show our power would be more likely to join one to get some extra rewards.

4: we should be able to upgrade buildings a bit higher with gold than only 3 with gems.

5: the gem boss should be faster than only once a week, give us 2/3 a week or else it would take for ever to get armor gems.

Those are the ideas that would make the game a bit popular in my oppinion greets.

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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby SnowBreezy » Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:55 pm

3 things which should be fixed

1. Faq and Support is not accesible within the game as the game closes as you try to open it and how are you supposed to receive bug tickets without players being able to access it.

2. Some alliance members had problems with the glitch where when a member tried to leave a random member would be kicked and there are some guilds without a gm and thats just not right.

3. I have noticed that the arena is basically 10 different people on rotation, I think you should add a better system for new opponents in the arena.

Hopefully these things are taken into consideration.

One last thing ive tried to fuse a 5 star 30+ times and I just want to know if fusing the same element actually gives you more options or if its a display glitch because I have never gotten a 5 star from 30+ tries and i dont believe my luck would be that bad.

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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby TitusSteel » Sun Nov 22, 2015 6:56 pm

Ive been playing for a little while now and I'm hooked. This game is well put together and very clean but there are several things that I believe could be fixed up.

It seems that chests just aren't worth the gems. Personally I have used over 50 silver keys won mainly from arena and have gotten nothing good at all really. Ive also used a dozen or so golden keys and several magic keys. The best loot I got from all of the keys I have used was a low grade 3 star armor set, and I was sorely dissapointed.

I love PVP and it is generally my favorite part of any game I play, but there are a few problems with the arena in Epic Knights. To start, arena energy is great at its 5 free maximum energy, but I realized very soon that to get any real streaks you actually HAVE to buy energy with gems. I think that there should be more free energy recharges from streaks and that the arena shouldnt be fueled by P2P recharges. Also there is little to no structure in who you face in arena. Im currently in the top 20 players in arena and I found myself fighting very low levels and in many cases the same players over and over again because they were easy points.

Past level 25 there are no new buildings, and with players in the 100's I find that to be a problem. There is far more space than there is buildings, and considering decorations don't make money there is no point in paying to open lands beyond the buildings you already have.

I understand stacking the odds AGAINST players rather than FOR the players, but fusions are a meat grinder of fusion stones, gold and armors and the only thing we get out of it is frustration. I have fused so many 2 and 3 star pairs only to end up with armors worth less than the two sets I fused! Its so expensive and I always end up very frustrated when I go through a dozen fusions and just lose tons of money and stones.

Thank you for ready my post and I hope that the Dev team takes some of my suggestions seriously, as I would love to see some of them implemented in game. :D

In-Game Name: Titus Steel

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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby TITAN PO Strider » Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:13 am

Greetings to the Epic Knights community,
This is some feedback from a knights & dragons veteran for you.

First i think this game is a great game overall, it is much more rewarding compared to knights and dragons.
This is most likely because of the..

The Leveling is one of the most important things in such a phone game. The choice here is a very instant system.
Especially when fighting in the dungeons leveling your armor gets very important. The Leveling system in Epic Knights makes it, that even small leveling, about 2-3 levels on the armor, make a huge different in the dmg you deal and receive. This makes it very rewarding to level armors even when you dont have time to play the game alot and farm alot.
Another Plus here is the bonus boost on your stat when going through the different visual evolutions of your armor.

The choice of going with a greek mythology theme is a great choice in my opinion. It made place for a different game mechanic THE GODS which set the game more apart with its competetor knights & dragons. It also gave many different choice of armor designs having a set with roots in a existing mythology while stil being able to use a big variety of styles because the set is mythological and not defined with real facts. Therefore you can use creatures out of the greek mythology and make people more attached because they know what they are fighting.

The gods give the game another spice. Choosing what God you want to fight along with is a great idea with a good inclusion in the battlesystem of the game. Plus its another thing to use your collected gold on even when your guild is already maxed out and you dont have armors to enhance.

The game itself has a much better look than its competitor with better animations, a cartoony yet still impressive look.
One of the main reasons this game is so great.

As far as CHESTs and ARENA goes, i think both are still in its beginner's phase.

Is dominated by Hades at the moment and still has some bad things. The Enemies you will face in the arena seem to be picked by the armorlevel your armors are at in the beginning of the arenaweek.
There are other drawbacks like enemies keep being in your list of attackable enemies eventhough you defeated them already.

seem to not be worth it at the moment. They are kinda cheap but dont seem to be important in the game, which has to do with the fact that you only get keys very rarely as reward in the game if you are not in the top leaderboards of the game. Therefore chest is pretty much ignoreable for most of the players which is a sad thing.

one of the biggest things out there at the moment is the small leaderboard therefore.
- increasing the amount of people in the leaderboard that actually get something better. instead of the top 50 player only getting special rewards, make it a top 500 with more different tiers of reward you get depending at your position in the leaderboard.
- more smaller milestones in arena. Inspiration could be taken from the k&d rewards for leaderboard and milestones.
- fix bugs like:
- not being able to switch the mainknights armor ('the target name is used")
- spelling in the specialattackbuying. (there it says Fill your engergy now instead of energy)
- correct the arenalist as suggested in the ARENA section
- correct the fusionoutcomes (things like being able to fuse a fire/earth armor (ifrit) out of a nature 3* and a
water/fire 3*)(screenshot will be send in a ticket.)
- and most important keep a good and fast support for the community.

Hope you like what you read and an opiniated overview from a longtime knghts and dragons player.
IGname: TITAN PO Strider , code: E04A-3DFB

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Re: [CONTEST] Improve Epic Knights!

Postby Hatman8807 » Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:47 pm

Hello there!

I've noticed an ongoing issue with some armors that I have won through Epic Bosses saying that I do not own that armor in the game. Even though it is equipped and leveled up. This prevents me from checking max stats on that armor and deciding if it needs to be replaced. Thank you!

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