Guide to start the game

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Guide to start the game

Postby NenoLight » Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:51 am

Hi ill try to makr an helpfull guide for the ones that dont know the game verry wel, here we go..

1: how to lvl without waiting for some new live..

When u start the journey than it looks like the lvling is going verry slow once you get to higher missions and than u need to wait on the heal or use potions. The solution for this..

When you see you got some trouble with the next planet or how you would call it :) than move back to the previous one, those are weaker and there dameg is decreased to 2-10 so your hp wont go down alot and u still get the exp to lvl, get stronger and repeat it with every planet that gets to hard for you, it will be easyer to get your lvl higher without waiting for hp.

2: gold is slow to get at the start dont you think?

So be sure you use all your gold to build and open grounds so you can build every building as fast as you can, this is how i did it and i make like 500k gold a day since day 3 i playing.

3: get stronger armor.

Enchance your armors, when you start you dont got alot good armor so enchance the basic till max, after that you can try to enchance for better armor or join events, but dont fuse the armor that you lvld, use this one to lvl the higher star armor

4: do arena and bosses every day the higher you get ranked the better rewards you get (at arena try to stay online for the 20 winning strike those are some nixe points)

This a the basic to get started enjoy the game and gl with the journey greets

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