Two months, not a single thing fixed!!

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Two months, not a single thing fixed!!

Postby Big Urn » Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:14 am

Well I'm done with this game. I've been playing for almost 3 months now with nothing but issues! There is no communication between players and the developers, just a middle man that says they will forward the problems. I will be forwarding a formal complaint to Google play to get the $100 back that I spent on this game.

I understand that new game ams have issues, but not fixing a single one is the real issue!! Again I will list the problems that have been up for months now:

1. Game speed was slowed down more than 2 months ago, a problem that was recognized. We were told it was going to be fixed but 2 months later, same problem

2. Arena is impossible to advance in. Even if you can beat someone, the next time you fight them they destroy you. How does advanced opponents stats increase as you proceed?

3. The epic boss network glitch. When fighting the epic boss with two friends, when you defeat the boss you get a network error that restarts your game. When you come back into the game, your energy and friends are gone and you do not get credited for the damage or the win.

4. The raid boss hasn't shown up for 3 weeks now. A new one is appearing but already defeated. The gem rewards for the raid boss are nearly non existent, taking literally over 100 years to actually be able to fuse a level 10 gem. With daily challenges and guild challenges introduced with fusing gems as one of them, another part of the game that is virtually impossible to complete.

5. Communication. Myself, along with countless others can't even put in a ticket. When trying to access this the game reboots. A forum where you post and do not get responses on major issues for more than a week and when you finally do read it the only answer you can give is that you will forward the issue to the devs.

6. Guilds have the ability to increase bonuses for the elements they wear. However this doesn't work as well. My guild has 20% bonuses. And when fighting the epic boss I get the same damage if I'm in my guild at all. Even the bonuses for the gods doesn't apply to this!

So these problems effect EVERY aspect of the game! I brought over big hitters from knd because we were sick of the crap in that game. No one is left now, they all have moved on due to the lack of fixes on this game! You are not retaining players and this is an issue no one can fix but you! You guys talk about a global launch, but is this game really what you want consumers to remember about your company? If it is I'm sure you will be bankrupt by the end of the year!

Deleting this game and never going to play another Firefly game!!

Big Ern

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