Game Speed And Where The Journey Ends

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Game Speed And Where The Journey Ends

Postby Knd_jake » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:25 am

Hi Firefly Games,

Why is it that you think that slowing the game down to a halt is the best option for this game, you have stepped so far back that you have ruined your game..

I will be uninstalling the game because of these reasons:

1. The most important thing is LISTENING to your fan base and COMMUNICATING with us to keep us in the loop. You have failed this.

2. Releasing updates that are impractical and harmful to the game e.g. update v20 has reduced the speed once again to a grinding halt. There are multiple threads asking for the speed of the game to be increased yet you choose to do the opposite.

3. The time it has taken to update the game is ridiculous, I truly thought this game would take off but you have just dug such a deep hole I cannot see the future of this game anymore.

4. Changes to arena and rate of world boss gem drops have been a massive downfall in your 'Strategy' as it is near enough impossible to get fusion stones without being in a clan. World boss no longer drops gems from my personal experience which means you must spend money to win. For anyone who is new playing this game it will take you between 6-8 months to build a strong account, save gems up and do not spend them until you think you can push for the top 3 spots in any event.

Thank you for the experience but there is nothing but greed left in this game.


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