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Re: [PATCH NOTES] Update 1.3

Postby jojobeed » Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:36 pm

There has been too much silence on this topic!

Please, someone respond. Lumos, are you still employed? Diego...Cece? Anyone?

Server 1, Pandora, also struggles with long term, active players. Chat is often dead except for guild recruitment spam.

What solves this problem, major overhaul and revert the obvious: daily instance, guild gifts, specifically soul gems for summons and the coefficient for diamond recharge. Reset arena on a set timer. Reduce the cost of mythical gear, or make the stats actually worth it. Legendary gear is cheap and annihilates mythical gear until awakened to +16. Mythical gear stats at+15 are on par with legendary gear+18. No point in using mythical gear until you are legendary+21, all sets, every hero. I use two pieces, dragon chest with 10% block on Newton, and the dragon ring for the HP set bonus.

Dead Servers: With the current patch, server 5 chat is pretty dead and not many players are active, I used to complain about the world chat being fill with people and their invites code, but the current world chat barely have active people. I am suggesting whether it is possible for servers merge and what not.

This idea is not new, but brilliant nonetheless. Make this happen.
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